Woodland Cree First Nation Land Code Celebration

June 17, 2023 - The Woodland Cree First Nation celebrated their new Land Code on June 17th, 2023. The event was marked by a special gathering of community members from the nation and guests. During this ceremony, each speaker spoke about the significance of the new land code during opening remarks and how it will help protect their land for future generations.

After the opening ceremony, the community shared a meal in celebration of this important milestone in Woodland Cree First Nation's history. It was a day full of excitement and joy for all who attended. There were also performances, as well as a round dance.

The Land Code now serves as an important tool for the Woodland Cree First Nations to protect and manage their land sustainably and responsibly. It is an inspiring example of how First Nations Communities are taking the steps necessary to protect their land and ensure its sustainable use for generations to come.

"The Land Code process was a great team effort from the Lands Committee, LABRC Staff , our Woodland Cree First Nation lawyer who is a member (Thanks Thomas!) and Chief and Council for giving us the support throughout the Land Code process that took 4 years ( actually 2 years due to Covid-19 ) in the making but all the time spent on the process was worth it for our Nations future! Developing the Land Code for our First Nation was a priority for us to become a Sovereign Nation, help develop and update  the Woodland Cree First Nations by laws, but most important is  for our future members of the Woodland Cree ( Our youth and future elders! ) Hiy Hiy!"  - Lands Manager Elvis Thomas – Woodland Cree First Nation.

The celebration was an emotional one, full of hope and optimism for the future of the Woodland Cree Nation. The celebration was a true testament to the strength of the Woodland Cree First Nation community, as they embrace the future with a strengthened commitment to protecting and managing their land for future generations.

Website: https://www.woodlandcree.net/