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NALMA National Gathering 2023: A Recap of Last Week's Event

The National Association of Local Managers and Administrators (NALMA) held their highly anticipated National Gathering last week, bringing together land managers and administrators from across the country. The event, which was hosted in downtown Winnipeg, Manitoba marked an important moment for First Nations Land Managers across Canada.

Celebrating NALMA

The NALMA National Gathering kicked off with a special acknowledgement to recognize the organization's Executive Director, Leona Irons and receiving the Order of Canada.  NALMA's highlighted her achievement on being appointed to the Order of Canada for her lifelong commitment to the responsible and sustainable management of Indigenous lands.

Keynote Speakers and Presentations

The event featured an impressive lineup of keynote speakers, including renowned experts in the field of land management topics. Grand Chief Cathy Merrick opened the event and welcomed the delegates to treaty 1 territory. Dr. Pamela Parminder, Chief Gordon Bluesky, Dr. Bruce McIvor, and Dr. Niigaan Sinclair spoke passionately on effective leadership, community engagement, and innovative strategies for overcoming challenges faced by land managers across Canada. Attendees also had the opportunity to attend presentations from NALMA members, who shared success stories and best practices from their own experiences in land management and related topics.

 Networking and Collaboration

One of the highlights of the NALMA National Gathering was the networking opportunities it provided for attendees. Land managers and other attendees were able to connect with peers from different regions, exchange ideas and strategies, and form valuable professional connections.

Celebrating Youth

In line with its commitment to promoting land management to Youth, the NALMA National Gathering embraced youth through hosting a Youth panel. It was awesome to see your youth getting trained as professional land managers, they truly are leading the way when it comes to land stewardship for our communities,” said Crystal Janvier- Romaniuk, Executive Director of TALSAA. This session provided a platform for young leaders to share their perspectives on land management and engage in meaningful discussions with industry professionals.

Cultural Showcasing

The event also showcased the rich cultural heritage of Indigenous communities. The United Thunder Square Dancers, which is a First Nations owned and operated square dance company.

Looking Towards the Future

As the event ended, attendees were reminded of NALMA's vision for the future of Indigenous land management in Canada. The organization emphasized its commitment to promoting sustainable and responsible land management practices while preserving Indigenous rights and traditions.

“It is important to honor the skills, knowledge and hard work of land managers and land professionals. Too often land management is an afterthought as not as well funded as other departments. I would like to Congratulate all the PLMPC graduates on their achievement,” said Crystal Janvier-Romaniuk Executive Director of TALSAA.

The NALMA National Gathering 2023 was a resounding success, providing a platform for learning, networking, and celebrating achievements in Indigenous land management. We look forward to the next event in 2025 in the Atlantic region and hope to see continued growth and progress in the field of land management in Canada.