Indigenous Landscapes

The Indigenous Landscapes blog is an informative and inspiring blog that explores the topic of First Nation land management practices. Written by TALSAA staff, members and by invited co-authors who have expert knowledge in Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK). Its application to today's dynamic environment and First Nation Land Management topics will provide readers with insights, knowledge and resources.

Each month, the blog will feature a new topic ranging from environmental stewardship to reforestation and more. Through this blog, readers will have access to resources, stories, and perspective on First Nation land management practices that are often overlooked in mainstream conversations.

Follow us every month for an inspiring look into the unique relationship between traditional ecological knowledge and sustainable land management.

Celebrating Indigenous Land Code Success

Celebrating Indigenous Land Code Success: Woodland Cree First Nation & Fort McKay First Nation's Journey to Chilliwack B.C. September 27, 2023, Chilliwack, BC. - Elvis Thomas, a member of the Woodland Cree First Nation, and Vice-Chair of TALSAA travelled to Chilliwack B.C. in September where his community was presented with...

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NALMA National Gathering 2023: A Recap of Last Week's Event

NALMA National Gathering 2023: A Recap of Last Week's Event The National Association of Local Managers and Administrators (NALMA) held their highly anticipated National Gathering last week, bringing together land managers and administrators from across the country. The event, which was hosted in downtown Winnipeg, Manitoba marked an important moment...

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The Important Role of TALSAA in the Management of First Nations Lands in Alberta

Members of the Treaty and Aboriginal Lands Stewards Association of Alberta (TALSAA) are land managers who play a crucial role in ensuring the sustainable development and utilization of First Nation lands and natural resources in the province of Alberta.  TALSAA was founded by concerned land managers representing various First Nations...

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Woodland Cree First Nation Land Code Celebration

Woodland Cree First Nation Land Code Celebration June 17, 2023 - The Woodland Cree First Nation celebrated their new Land Code on June 17th, 2023. The event was marked by a special gathering of community members from the nation and guests. During this ceremony, each speaker spoke about the significance...

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The impact of climate change on the natural resources of First Nation lands.

How First Nation Land Managers are working to mitigate these effects. Climate change has a profound impact on the natural resources of the environment. Rising temperatures, drought, and other extreme weather events can lead to increased wildfires, destruction of habitats, and reduced availability of clean drinking water. In addition, melting...

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