Mission Statement

Our mission is to support First Nations communities in their journey to self-sufficiency through land management training and networking. We believe in growth through communication and collaboration, building capacity within lands departments, and meeting communities "where they are." We are committed to promoting sustainable land practices and economies. 

Our History

To assist First Nation Land Managers in addressing their broad ranging responsibilities with limited technical and financial resources, TALSAA was conceived by several interested and concerned First Nation Land Managers in Alberta with common objectives, issues and challenges. 

TALSAA was initially founded by interested Alberta First Nation Land Managers representing Treaty 6, 7 and 8 that identified a need for the establishment of an organization to address common issues relevant to First Nation lands in Alberta’s First Nation Communities. 

TALSAA has replaced their predecessor, the Alberta Aboriginal Lands Association (AALA) that was established in 2000 to address similar issues. 

In the transition from AALA to TALSAA, the original nine (9) First Nation members have continued their networking and communications and have also continued their affiliation with the Board of Directors of the National Aboriginal Land Managers Association (NALMA).

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide First Nations communities with the tools they need to manage their lands and resources in a sustainable way. We believe in strong, healthy communities that are self-sufficient and connected to their land. We are committed to promoting traditional values and practices that sustain the land and the people. 

Our Guiding Light:  

Land management training and networking for thriving First Nations communities. 


Our Values:  

  • Advance our mission through membership Growth 

  • Create and maintain Trust through open communication 

  • Build Capacity of lands departments 

  • Commit to achieving our Goals 

  • Meet Communities ‘where they are’ 

  • Promote practices for Sustainable lands AND economies 

Our Objectives:  

TALSAA is also the official Alberta regional affiliate of the National Aboriginal Land Managers Association (NALMA) of Canada, whose objectives mirror those of TALSAA.

As the objectives of TALSAA are focused ultimately on the sustainability of First Nation lands, natural resources and Communities in Alberta that are within the jurisdiction and interest of the Federal Crown, the short and long term work plan of TALSAA includes the development and implementation of initiatives concurrent with various Canadian Government Department portfolios, policies and business line items, mainly with the Department of Crown-Indigenous Relations  and Northern Affairs Canada (CIRNAC, formerly INAC). 

1. Increase membership and partnerships to ensure our training and networking opportunities reach more First Nations communities  

2. Connect First Nations communities with knowledgeable people and organizations to build capacity for land management  

3. Provide education and support for sustainable land practices and economies  

4. Facilitate meaningful dialogues between leaders, experts, and community members on issues of land management  

5. Create a network of resources that will enable First Nations communities to develop their own land-related initiatives  

6. Develop and implement innovative strategies that focus on the needs of each community  

7. Empower First Nations communities to become self-sufficient in their land management journey  

8. Promote collaborative efforts between First Nations communities, governments, and industry stakeholders.  

Our Commitment:  

At TALSAA, we are dedicated to working with First Nations communities to ensure the sustainability of their lands and resources. We are committed to fostering a spirit of collaboration between our members, providing them with the necessary tools for successful land management, and advocating on their behalf. By connecting First Nations leaders, experts, and community members, we hope to create lasting relationships that will result in healthier, more vibrant communities.  

TALSAA is dedicated to providing knowledge and resources to empower First Nations communities. We believe that these efforts will lead to greater self-sufficiency and improved quality of life for all indigenous people. Together we can create a brighter future for our lands and the people they support.  

As a result, the efforts of TALSAA in pursuit of their mission, also provides an opportunity to assist INAC and other Federal Government Departments with the delivery of programs, initiatives and communications, as they relate to Alberta First Nations and TALSAA.